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IB Global Academy Is The Pioneer In Preparing Students For IB, IGCSE, A/AS, AP And Other School Leaving Examinations.

The Tutor’s Approach In IB/IGCSE Online Tutoring

IBGA online tutors are patient, self-assured, resourceful, tenacious, professional, computer savvy, enthusiastic, results-oriented, adaptive, and compassionate.

IBGA’s online tutors communicate with students over the Internet. To connect with students, our online teachers use resources such as messaging software, email, and webcams. The tools used may differ depending on the demands of the pupils. Tutors may aid students with homework and projects, as well as improve their understanding of courses.

One of the most valuable skills found in an IBGA’s online instructor is the capability to adapt.  Adaptability also allows the learner to take accountability for his/her own learning; the learner can begin the class by stating what he/she doesn’t know or would want to learn more about.

Tutors at IBGA improve speaking and listening skills, particularly in younger pupils, by participating in informal conversation while the media loads. If a link or picture does not cooperate, quickly go to another presentation or return to the topic later.

An online tutor will use compassionate listening to understand what the student requires throughout lessons. It’s also a tool for empathetic communication. The learner may have a bad day, become distracted, or become ill. A caring tutor recognizes when a student is having an “off” day and adjusts to the student’s requirements, displaying patience throughout the class.


One of the most appealing aspects of online education is the ability to access a vast library of information. Our online tutors have an abundance of materials at their disposal to help with instruction, including online dictionaries, images, videos, and graphs. It’s great to be able to look up word meanings as the classes advance. In addition, photographs and movies may sometimes better communicate a term or concept than words alone.

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