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Global IB Mentors sets a roadmap for IB (MYP), IB(DP) & IGCSE, A/AS, AP and SAT

The team IBGA, at the coaching programme are dedicated about assisting students in realising their maximum potential and excelling academically. We provide a comprehensive range of services for coaching that are intended to aid students in their academic endeavours.

We consider learning to be enjoyable, participatory, and engaging. Our coaching programme is therefore created to be both instructive and pleasant. To make sure that our pupils are totally involved and eager to learn, we employ a range of teaching techniques.

Our knowledgeable tutors have a track record of assisting students in acquiring the abilities and knowledge required to succeed. They are authorities in their industries. We can assist you whether you wish to develop your study abilities or need assistance with a particular subject.

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IB MYP Tutor

IB MYP is a frame work that turns a student into a lifelong active learner and an individual with global mindedness on the…

IB DP Tutor

A perfectly balanced curriculum that is based on communication, research and self-management. This course work…


IGCSE education emphasizes critical thinking, global understanding, and holistic development of a learner for postsecondar…

IB CP Tutor

An ideal IB CP tutor balances the development of practical skills with academic achievement in order to fully…

SAT Tutor

Utilizing technology, Digital SAT is a commonly used, standardized evaluation method for colleges and universities to,,,

AP Tutor

Advanced Placement programme is implemented by US College Board. It entails supplying in-depth topic knowledge, test-…

IB MYP Test Series

The IB MYP preparation exam series is a drive on the road to excellence, seize the chance to push yourself, hone your…

IB DP Test Series

An ideal IB DP test series is created to be a thorough and strategic tool for students beginning their path towards achievement…



We are a professional academic service provider. We Choose to call ourselves as professional Academic service providers as we provide the best academic services to the IB and IGCSE students in the most professional way. Although professional and academic and not very closely related words, yet both of them have a lot of impact on our day to day lives and this is why we have chosen the above words to define ourselves.


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