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Why To Choose IGCSE Economics?

Through this course, students can learn about economic theory, terms, and principles. Students examine the economies of other nations and their relationships with one another. They also learn how to work with basic economic data and employ economic analytical tools. Students apply their economics knowledge to current economic problems.

Economics is a great way to get started learning about the field and is completely self-contained. The goal of the course is to give students a broad understanding of both the theory and guiding principles of global macroeconomics as well as the microeconomic principles that affect producers and consumers.

Students examine the economies of industrialised and emerging countries, as well as their interactions. Students will also learn about economic principles and how to apply them in practical circumstances. By the conclusion of the course, learners may demonstrate their knowledge and grasp of economic terms, definitions, theories, and concepts. They possess the ability to confidently choose, arrange, and interpret data in order to develop sound arguments and judgments. They can also derive conclusions from economic knowledge and critically assess economic data.

The IGCSE Economics curriculum fosters a comprehension of economic theory, jargon, and principles. Students examine the economies of other nations and their relationships with one another. They also learn how to work with basic economic data and employ economic analytical tools. Students apply their economics knowledge to current economic problems. For further study, such as AS and A Levels Economics, or the equivalent, the IGCSE Economics syllabus serves as a foundation. Contact Us for an IGCSE economics tutor in Delhi, India!

Goals of the Curriculum

The goals are to provide pupils the skills to:

  • Knowledge of and comprehension of economic concepts and theories.
  • Utilize fundamental economic math and analyse economic data.
  • Employ economic analysis tools.
  • Write about economic concepts in a logical and concise manner.
  • Apply economic knowledge to the current state of the economy.

GIBM’s approach

Our internet IGCSE Economics tutoring enhances knowledge of fundamental economic concepts, rules, and theories. Students learn about the interrelationships between industrialised and emerging economies.

Since IGCSE Coaching has been around for a while, IGCSE Economics tutor has been consistently offering IGCSE Economics Tuition in Delhi-India by extremely competent IGCSE trained tutors. This has enabled us to fully grasp each student’s unique needs and, consequently, provide them with the appropriate solution.

We have been able to best serve IGCSE students thanks to our student-centred approach and the abundance of IGCSE materials at our disposal. The IGCSE Tutors in our devoted staff are often committed to using words to demonstrate the most straightforward outcome. The students have done well with our aid in IGCSE coaching classes. South Delhi, Central Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, and the entire Delhi NCR are all places where we are present.

Concerning Our Tutors

A lesson plan is a tutor’s daily instruction manual for pupils that outlines the material they should learn, the teaching strategies, and the evaluation procedures. By providing a thorough course plan for teachers to use after each class, it aids in their increased productivity in the classroom. Based on the proportion of resumes for economics tutors that they featured on, we rated the top skills. For instance, student learning was listed as a competence in 16.7% of economics instructor resumes. Let’s examine the abilities an economics tutor genuinely requires for professional success.

One of the most crucial elements of a student’s success is having access to one-on-one coaching and instruction, as we at IB Global Academy are well aware of. Indeed, a student requires the right teacher for his or her unique academic objectives and difficulties, personality, and study habits. At IB GLOBAL ACADEMY, we pledge to look for competent instructors who don’t simply have the required credentials on paper but also have a strong sense of purpose and a knack for connecting with students. Our IGCSE Economics teachers are able to form connections with pupils and make them feel welcome and taken care of throughout lessons.

In a discussion-based format, our Economics tutors professionally encourage the students regarding how to learn effectively and take ownership of their learning. Students are helped by GIBM tutors by acquiring higher-level application, analysis, and evaluation abilities that will be extremely helpful as they advance through the school.

Learners will have the chance to learn outside of the classroom by visiting a number of organisations. This will help students comprehend how economic principles are employed and used in real-world situations. Employ an IGCSE economics tutor from IBGA!

Lessons focus on fostering teamwork and communication abilities, which are both crucial for learning and working, in addition to the IGSCE curriculum.

Tutor’s behaviour

  • Enthusiasm for the topic
  • High standards for consistency and accountability
  • A steadfast and unwavering faith in every student’s limitless potential and a dedication to providing inclusive education
  • Inspiration to raise standards and strive for greatness
  • Commitment to providing equal opportunity and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all students
  • The capacity to energise and motivate people
  • The capacity to constantly impart excellent lessons
  • Management of behaviour that is efficient and methodical and includes clear boundaries, consequences, rewards, and acknowledgment
  • Excellent planning, organising, and communication skills
  • Demonstrates resiliency, drive, and dedication to raising the bar for achievement.
  • Serves as an example for the staff and students.
  • Commitment to ongoing training and professional development in order to construct excellent teaching techniques
  • The capacity to establish beneficial relationships with adults and students
  • The capacity to function both independently and in a group
  • Superior listening abilities
  • ICT proficiency as well as strong interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Exceptional planning and time-management abilities
  • Possessing the capacity to accept responsibility for one’s actions, being open to reflection and self-evaluation, and being capable of growth.
  • Self-motivation and assurance
  • The capacity for success under duress
  • High standards for decency and morality
  • A sense of fun and an enjoyment of life.


Being knowledgeable about current economic issues, comprehending the syllabus in its entirety, and being accustomed to the exam format is crucial.

 For the IGCSE Economics exam, topic research and the use of sample papers are crucial resources. Students can make sure they have a thorough understanding of important subjects by researching current affairs, national economies, financial institutions, and theories.

Furthermore, students can practise answering questions within a time limit and get a sense of the format of each paper by revising previous papers. Students can improve their odds of getting better grades on the IGCSE Economics exam by using these revision strategies throughout their studies.

It’s critical to understand every important concept and practise using it with exam strategies.

  • You can better acquaint yourself with the kinds of questions that could be asked on the test by doing this. 
  • Data analysis is essential to comprehending economic developments and their effects.
  • Reviewing previous exams and taking practice exams can be helpful. In addition to boosting your confidence before the test, this will help you pinpoint any areas that require additional study.
  • Exam preparation is aided by taking practice tests, which can offer important insights into the format of questions and potential focus areas.
  • To ensure you perform to the best of your ability on test day, you should also practise exam strategies like time management and reading comprehension.
  • An efficient study plan includes taking notes, researching topics, analysing trends, and scheduling your time.
  • Throughout the course, it’s critical to regularly review the materials and allot time for revision.
  • Making regular breaks from studying can help maintain mental clarity and concentration on the current task.
  • Economics requires good time management, so it can be beneficial to divide work into smaller, more doable assignments that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Taking notes can also aid with memorization of important definitions, theories, and concepts. It will also serve as a useful point of reference for exam revision.
  • In-depth knowledge of different facets of Economics can be gained by conducting additional research on topics through books or internet resources, which may come in handy when responding to test questions.
  • Getting input on your development from instructors or peers can help you identify any areas that might need more attention.
  • You can achieve a 9 in IGCSE Economics if you plan ahead and work hard.

An IGCSE Economics tutor from IBGA understands that It’s critical to comprehend the exam’s structure and create a successful study strategy if you want to ace the IGCSE Economics exam. Exam format familiarisation and improvement identification are two key benefits of taking mock exams.

It’s important to consider your preferred method of learning when you prepare for the exam. While some learners learn best by writing practice essays, others might prefer to review material from textbooks and study guides.

You will need strong essay writing abilities to succeed in this subject, so in IGCSE economics online tuition a tutor from IBGA makes sure you practice creating essay plans, introductions, and conclusions.

At IGCSE economics tuition a tutor helps in taking thorough notes, which is essential when studying economics because it aids in the retention of important information that may be included in your exam response.

An IGCSE economics tutor from IBGA helps using helpful tools like mind maps and flashcards to help you recall concepts more quickly and effortlessly when you revise.

  • In order to receive a 9 in IGCSE Economics, one must possess a solid grasp of economic theories and concepts with the help of IGCSE Economics tuition in Gurgaon from IBGA.
  • Accurate analysis and interpretation of economic data are also necessary for students to show that they grasp the material.
  • Gaining the ability to critically think is also crucial for IGCSE Economics students in order to assess and derive meaning from economic data.

Although it is a necessary skill for passing the IGCSE Economics test, the ability to analyse economic data is just one facet of building a solid knowledge base.

Gaining the ability to think critically is also necessary for analysing trends, comprehending difficult ideas, and interpreting and evaluating data.

 To improve these abilities, practice and commitment are needed; online tutoring is one way to do this.

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