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Why Select Physics for the IGCSE?

The IGCSE is the most widely accepted international qualification for students between the ages of 14 and 16, despite the fact that students of different ages can take it. It is reliable, authentic, and tried.

It gives students the option to choose from 70 disciplines in any combination and is taught in more than 4800 schools spread across more than 150 countries.

IGCSE programs help students develop the skills they’ll need for their future academic or professional endeavors by striking a balance between in-depth knowledge and understanding of a subject.

The Cambridge IGCSE Physics curriculum develops a range of transferable skills, including problem-solving, data handling, and the application of the scientific method. Important attitudes such as concern for accuracy and precision, objectivity, integrity, open-mindedness, initiative, and creativity are instilled in students. Students acquire the foundational science knowledge required to move on to more challenging coursework or careers.

The curriculum for the Cambridge IGCSE Physics course encourages students to:

  • They are confident, curious to learn about science, skeptical of theories, and able to express their opinions using language from the scientific community.
  • Ethical, systematic, and secure conduct when working individually or in a team.
  • self-reflective, curious about scientific issues affecting the person, the society, and the environment, and eager to learn from their experiences.
  • creative, problem-solving, ready to pick up scientific methods, confident, and involved in the arts; curious about scientific concepts and how they are applied in real life.

Using Cambridge IGCSE Physics, students Can

  • expand their understanding of the technical realm
  • Become informed about matters related to science
  • Recognize the benefits (and drawbacks) of the scientific method and learn how to apply it in other fields of study and daily life.
  • Develop the requisite qualities, such as an interest in accuracy and precision, objectivity, integrity, initiative, and originality.
  • Develop a strong interest in and concern for the environment.
  • A deeper comprehension of the ways in which science is influenced and constrained by society, the economy, technology, ethics, community, and environment.
  • Learn the scientific methods that are required for your everyday life and future research. Here an Global IB Mentors physics tutor for the IGCSE in Delhi, India, to assist your ward!

Recognition and Appreciation on a Worldwide Level

Our proficiency with curriculum, teaching and learning, and evaluation forms the cornerstone for the global recognition of our programs and credentials. The knowledge and abilities that comprise Cambridge IGCSE Physics tuition give students a solid foundation for future study. Students who score between A* and C are capable of succeeding in a wide range of courses, such as A Level Physics and the Cambridge International AS.

Students’ foundation for advanced study is strengthened by the combination of knowledge and skills found in Cambridge IGCSE Physics. A* through C candidates are prepared to enroll in a range of courses, such as A Level Physics and Cambridge International AS.

Learning Objectives for IGCSE Physics

The goals listed in the Objectives would be included in a curriculum built around this curriculum.

You can achieve some of the goals by using pertinent examples and applications from your community, the rest of the world, or the past, along with collaborative experimentation.

The objectives are to

Whether or not students choose to pursue science beyond this level, ensure that they all have a rewarding educational experience.

Encouraging students to acquire the skills and knowledge required to:

  • Grow to be knowledgeable about scientific matters and confident citizens in a technologically advanced society.
  • Once you’ve finished your Cambridge IGCSE, you should be ready for college.

Permit students to understand that science is based on evidence and that the scientific method has its limitations.

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