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Why Select Biology for the IGCSE?

With an IGCSE in Biology, students can cultivate an informed curiosity about science and the study of living things, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the biological environment in which they live. The major goals of the course are to ignite students’ interest in biology while providing a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of the field.

This biology course also aims to instill in young students a sense of objectivity, integrity, curiosity, initiative, and inventiveness. The IGCSE curriculum covers basic principles and ideas, as well as some modern biological applications and a strong emphasis on practical skills.


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Secondary School Certificate International General Biology places a strong emphasis on human biology, which helps students comprehend technology and piques their interest in science and its advancements.

IGSCE Biology covers a variety of topics, including classes of living organisms, enzymes, cells, nutrition, transport systems in animals and plants, excretion, respiration, homeostasis, coordination and response, genetics and evolution, and human impacts on the environment. The human body and its organ systems are the subject of extensive study.

Students are also taught how human activity poses a threat to the environment. They are present in processes like photosynthesis and plant transport networks.

Biology makes the list even though it can be fairly easy compared to many other science subjects. Biology is one of the hardest sciences because of its extensive curriculum. As in the case of a topic like history, students are required to cover a broad range of concepts. Speak with an IGCSE biology tutor in Gurugram, India, at Global IB Mentors to learn more!

What subjects does the IGCSE Biology cover?

The following topics are covered in IGCSE Biology:

The definition and characteristics of living things, including fungi, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, pathogens, plants, and animals, are covered in this section along with their origin and biodiversity.

Biological and structural components of a living organism, as well as the motion of its constituent parts during respiration, movement, gas exchange, excretion, coordination, and reaction, are all included in the concept of function and structure.

Life cycle and genetics: This section discusses the processes of fertilization and reproduction in both plants and humans. It also includes genetic diagrams that define terms such as “chromosome,” “genotype,” “gene mutation,” and “DNA structure,” and that clarify genetic patterns.

Environment and habitat: The concept of ecosystem & environment, species in the environment, interactions, ecosystem cycles, and human influence on ecosystem and environment are all covered in the content.

Utilization of biological resources: Included are major topics including food production, plant seed selection, genetic engineering, and replication

What method does the Global IB Mentors use for biology tutoring?

Our biology coaching aims to improve students’ experimental skills by supplying them with knowledge of biological concepts, ideas, and facts. By enrolling in the Global IB Mentor’s IGCSE Biology course, you can continue your love of studying living things while learning the importance of precise experimental design, the scientific method, and reporting.

Students will also study the human body because the animal and plant kingdoms exist on all sizes, ranging from microscopic to large forms. With the assistance of our IGCSE teachers, students will study the traits, diversity, and structures of living things. It will also look into inheritance and reproduction.

With our online biology tutoring, students will learn how to formulate hypotheses. Biology is an essential course for college students interested in a career in research, medicine, or advanced study in the natural sciences.

It is impossible to dispute the equal importance of microbes and photosynthesis to human existence. We shouldn’t just classify bacteria as harmful or beneficial because our interactions with them are complex and our lives are deeply entwined with theirs. For the IGCSE biology topic, measurement, sampling, and fact memorization are required.

Our teaching strategies have been modified in response to research on the particular needs of every single student.

In addition to teaching, our highly qualified IGCSE Biology tutors prioritize helping students review for upcoming tests or make up lost content. The main goal of our teaching approach is to help the students balance the topics according to the syllabus. Our school uses a hands-on learning approach with set schedule requirements.

Our IB biology evaluation track method and adaptable IGCSE biology curriculum enable us to regularly assess our students’ progress. Using examples to apply factual knowledge is another aspect of our teaching methodology. By teaching the fundamentals first, we assist the students in realizing the main issues with science. Hire an Global IB Mentors IGCSE tutor to simplify your life!

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