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The IB's Method For Teaching And Learning Maths

Concepts are important in mathematics because they help teachers and students organise and relate data and ideas, which helps them develop increasingly sophisticated mental processes. Students use their conceptual knowledge to solve problems, analyse situations, and assess decisions that could have an impact on them, their communities, or the wider world.

In DP mathematics courses, conceptual insights are crucial for promoting deep learning. Twelve core concepts, with varying degrees of emphasis, are covered in the course and they relate to each of the five domains. Tutors may discover and develop new ideas in order to meet local requirements as well as state or federal curriculum standards. Tutors use these concepts to make links across different subjects.

The deliberate strategies, proficiencies, and attitudes that permeate the classroom are referred to as the DP’s approach to teaching and learning. The IB learner profile is closely linked to these approaches and materials because it encourages exploration, curiosity, and discovery in the classroom.

In the IB classrooms at Global IB Mentors, students should regularly learn mathematics by actively engaging in instructional activities. Therefore, in order to provide students with the opportunity to learn through mathematical inquiry, IB maths tutors in India from Global IB Mentors must use strategies that foster their capacity for critical thought and problem-solving.

Innovation In DP Mathematics

Using technology is an essential part of teaching DP maths.Accurate, appropriate, and efficient use of technology to explore new ideas and solve problems is one of the assessment goals; helping students understand how technological and mathematical advancements have influenced one another is one of the course goals. One of the most important mathematical skills is the capacity to use a variety of technical instruments. As such, time has been allocated for this ability in every area of the curriculum and through the “toolkit.”
Global IB Mentors teachers use technology in a number of ways to encourage and enhance their students’ comprehension, such as:

  • To draw attention to key lessons

  • To dispel misconceptions

  • To make visualizing easier

  • To increase understanding of concepts that could otherwise be limited by time-consuming math calculations or algebraic manipulation

  • To support students in making assumptions and confirming generalizations

  • To formally create relationships between different approaches or representations of mathematics

In order to gradually encourage students to become more independent thinkers and inquirers as they make connections between the underlying themes of mathematical investigation, mathematical modeling, and the use of technology, teachers from Global IB Mentors must first provide them with a great deal of direction.

The Global IB Mentors learner’s approach involves using technology to engage in the learning process in a number of ways, including the ones mentioned below:

  • To enhance each person’s unique conceptual comprehension
  • Searching for trends
    To confirm theories or generalizations
  • To support interpretations
  • collaborate on a project as a team.
  • assist with organizing and analyzing data.


Each topic begins with SL information that is shared by mathematical techniques and analysis as well as applications and interpretation. AHL content is included after SL content in each topic.

An IB math tutor makes sure to cover all of the SL material for SL students and all of the AHL material for HL students. Because of the way the subjects are arranged, an introduction to a common topic can be codified in the SL material and then expanded upon in the AHL content. For example, all real and complex numbers in the ordinary content, positive real numbers, SL content, and AHL content could be the extension of the number set for a defined object.

HL teachers can choose to teach the SL and AHL content simultaneously or in a spiraling order, with the SL topics being taught first and the AHL topics coming after.

Exam revision needs to be given enough time, regardless of how the IB course is set up. Time must be allowed for students to reflect on their education and growth as learners.

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