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Subject of the IBDP: Biology

To investigate life on all scales, biologists employ a broad variety of methodologies and strategies. At one end of the scale is the cell, with its complex metabolic functions and molecular makeup. On the other end of the spectrum, biologists investigate the connections that allow entire ecosystems to function. There will probably be a lot of new discoveries and major advancements in the twenty-first century.

Studying a science subject will help students understand how scientists work together as a team. While there are many variations in the scientific method, a pragmatic approach is given priority. Under the general theme of “Nature of Science,” these skills and knowledge will also be positioned in relation to how science and scientists operate in the twenty-first century, as well as the ethical debates and limitations of innovative scientific endeavor.

Science education is practical. Students have the chance to plan studies, gather data, practice data manipulation, analyze outcomes, work with peers, and assess and present their findings. The investigations could employ models and databases in addition to lab work. Students learn how to work freely on their own designs as well as collaboratively, especially with schools from other regions, to reflect how scientific research is carried out in the larger world.

Global IB Mentor's IB biology tutor adheres to the IBDP's methodology for instruction and learning.

The learning and teaching strategies used in the Diploma Programme make use of intentional strategies, skills, and attitudes that are present in every classroom. These techniques and materials, which are closely linked to the characteristics of the learner profile, enhance student learning and assist them in preparing for exams such as the IBDP. The goals of the teaching and learning techniques used in the Diploma Program are to:

Every subject in the diploma program should be taught for 150 hours at SL and 240 hours at HL. Sensible

  • Urge educators to become instructors of learners rather than just subject matter experts.
  • Provide tutors with the resources they require to create more accurate strategies for organizing learning experiences that encourage students to participate in advanced critical and creative thinking as well as organized inquiry.
  • Emphasize the goals of each subject (making them go beyond the course objectives) and the links between previously scattered knowledge.

The main principles and values of IB pedagogy are covered by the six teaching approaches—inquiry-based, conceptually focused, contextualized, collaborative, differentiated, and informed by assessment—and the five learning approaches—developing thinking, social, communication, self-management, and research skills.

Global IB Mentor teaches mathematical concepts that are essential for studying biology.

  • Perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division among other fundamental arithmetic operations.
  • Compute using means, decimals, fractions, percentages, and ratios.
  • Use bar charts, graphs, and histograms to represent and evaluate frequency data, including direct and inverse proportion.
  • Plot graphs containing two variables that demonstrate linear or non-linear correlations (with appropriate scales and axes).
  • Create and analyze scatter graphs to find the link between 2 variables, and understand that a connection does not imply a causal connection.
  • Calculate and analyze the standard deviation, then calculate the mode & median of a collection of data.
  • Choose the statistical tests that are most relevant for the study of the given data, then interpret the findings.

Global IB Mentor’s biology tutoring perspectives

Since we are not only living things but also rely on numerous other species for survival, face threats from numerous other species, and coexist peacefully with numerous other species, humans are naturally fascinated by life. Biology has always piqued people’s interest, as seen by the earliest cave paintings and modern wildlife documentaries. This curiosity has been present throughout history. Hire an IB biology tutor from Global IB Mentors in India to help your ward understand the material!

Biologists use a range of techniques and approaches in their quest to understand life on all scales. The cell is at one end of the spectrum with its complex metabolic and molecular makeup.

Numerous approaches can be used to teach biology. It is expected that the IB course will employ an experimental approach since biology naturally subjects itself to this kind of investigation.

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