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Begin your pathway at one of the finest IB academy in New Delhi or NCR for future educational success. Our unique academic rigour is to create true global citizens through 21st century learning and superior intercultural compactness. Our inspiring continuum of education, evaluation tools and unit planners offer affordable IB programs for students.

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Global IB

We are one of the most experienced IB schools in New Delhi, NCR. where every student is emphasised on skills, internationalism and is central to our approach for the International Baccalaureate studies. Our team of experts are known for their top-quality guidance and assistance for varied exams like IB. You can certainly expect unmatched quality assistance from our online and offline IB tutors. We only believe towards offering the best quality IB coaching classes and assessment to uplift IB programs at every step.

We prepare young people towards true character and confidence. We are a renowned academy that inspires achievement with values, academic excellence, and forward-looking approach empowering every student to attain outstanding outcomes. Our education structure encourage talent in every direction it may lie. Please do get in touch for any form of query or would like any further information about the IB.

Why study the IB Curriculum at Global IB Mentors in India?


We take the IB to the next level by offering the program in a truly global context with students from across the globe. Learning provided by us goes beyond textbooks and builds critical skills, which is essential anywhere in the world.

Global IB mentor’s rigorous academic programmes are of immense help for ambitious learners willing to excel in the widely-respected international qualifications, which support strong applications to selective and highly-renowned universities. Students affiliated with Global IB mentors also pursue individual passions, explore personal interests, and prepare for high-level post-secondary opportunities in creative industries, and business/enterprise.

Our world-renowned curriculum includes the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes, SAT and Subject SAT, ACT, IGCSE/A levels and AP. We primarily aim for transformational learning – celebrating the effective learners, confident and caring contributors that they are and want to become. We empower our students with skills and knowledge to prepare themselves for success in a rapidly changing world.


  • IB Primary Years Programme (IBPYP)

  • IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP)

  • IB Career-related Programme (IBCP)

  • IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Classes are customised as per the student needs. These are one-on-one classes. Trial class is provided before the enrolment. Worksheets, assignments are given for practice as per IB standards. Global IB mentors offer the most complete, and dynamic international curriculum of any school in India.


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